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Re: [IP] Cure it! Silver Ribbon

David wrote:

> Not surprising.  I've worn the Green ribbon ( for organ and tissue donation
> awareness) for 6 years, and had only 1 person ask what it is about.  I
> think it's called PUBLIC AWARENESS.  If we don't get the word out (through
> the Media) then no one will know what's it's about.  Just look at how much
> Media coverage there is regarding AIDS and Breast cancer.

The sad part is that it usually takes a "nothing left to loose" attitude and
actually being "in their face" to get peoples attention.

In the 60's the civil rights movement was challenging to say the least.....

What many people don't remember that during that same time period major changes
happened in cancer awareness.  Most cancer patients became invisable.  The biggest
change came when a single psychaiatrist (probably just the most visable)
challenged the medical school where she was working.  She did the "unthinkable" of
bringing cancer patients to talk about their feelings about dying to classes of
medical students.

Does anyone remember the AIDS demonstrations during the 80's?  Amazing how the
media seems to want to cover "drama".....

I remember one of  4 PSAs that the American Diabetes Association put out between
10 and 15 years ago.  They were accurate and definitely had impact. The one I
remember showed a soldier getting out of a helicopter.  It had very simple text,
similar to:
What causes the most amputations?  You'd be surprised. American Diabetes

I believe the intent was to run the PSAs for several months.  They were "pulled"
within 2 weeks - public pressure....  It's difficult to remain in denial when
"it's in your face".... so attack the messenger...

If people are afraid to share their "problems", then there must not be any........

Jim S.
email @ redacted

Anyone have a parachute so I can get off this soap-box?.....

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