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[IP] Seizures from Hypoglycemia

Kerri, alulitsuti (mother of many children)
was cautioned not to put her finger in the mouth of a person having a
seizure. Good advise taught to every first year neurology resident in
training. A Wallet or small pocket calendar put in the corner of the mouth
between the teeth will protect the tongue and teeth if you can get it in.
but don' try to pry the jaws apart. You can always treat a bitten tongue,
usually the bite does not require repair. My advice for not putting things
like gel in the mouth is the danger of aspirating the stuff into the lungs.
Some sugar is absorbed from the cheek and from under the tongue but glucagon
works faster. I had one seizure on the IND line of the NYC Subway and
remember none of the event. Just waking up in Roosevelt Hospital ER confused
and sore. With a bitten tongue and police who thought I was a drug addict.
So Much for Diabetes ID cards.

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