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[IP] start off with saline or not?

I am not sure that I qualify as a veteran, but.....

I have been trying to find something that you could learn from the saline.  It
is hard to find a purpose.

If you are familiar with the pump and its modes of working and failing.  If you
will be trained to change sites properly.  If you will remember to prime the new
site.  Of course, saline would not give you any feedback about that so what good
is it?

I'd say, go for it.  Keep a syringe handy, test often, be conservative with
control (higher).  Shoot up if you have un explained highs.  We just picked a
number.  If she goes over that number, it is shot time.  Shots bring her down
much faster than a bolus in a good site.  In a bad site a bolus does nothing or
close to nothing.

Drop the NPH some time before starting

Be patient, it is not magic.

I would suggest that you change every two days at first.  The weird highs from a
failed site only confuse you while you are getting basals/bolus rates set.  Work
on extended site life after you got the rates nailed.

Curtis Lomax

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