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Re: [IP] Hep B Vaccine Linked to Onset of DM

>As for the higher medical powers that be in this country and their vaccine
>theory I throw that one out the window with the milk one.  "They" also claim
>in some instances that vaccines have been the cause of Autism.  (my oldest
>child has mild Autism)   I don't have time in the day to worry about what
>may have cause my families medical problems.  If I did then I'd be a
>bumbling fool.  Doctors and researchers get paid to do that stuff and when
>there is definite evidence of something then I'll pay attention. But still
>won't hold on to it too tightly because it won't change mine or my sons
>condition until they use the information to find a cure.  All this wasted
>energy trying to know "why", when you could use it to make yourself more
>comfortable and healthy now.  Just my .02 on the vaccine thing.
I agree that dwelling on the "why" for all of us who already have D 
is unproductive.  The reason for finding the "cause or causes" for 
those not yet diagnosed is important.  Yes, there are tons of medical 
theories out there.  That's why I like to get input from people on 
these theories (i.e. cow's milk theory, immunizations, etc, etc.)  If 
we can find a common thread in a high percentage of type 1 diabetics, 
then that is reason for pursuing the "theory" for all it's worth. 
Wouldn't it be wonderful if they did discover at least one thing (FOR 
SURE) that causes this horrible disease and prevented it from 
happening to hundreds, thousands, millions of people yet to be 
diagnosed.  I believe it is worth weeding out all the unproven 
medical theories by taking a cautious, intelligent look them.  That 
applies to the "cures" as well.  Who knows, maybe a group of lay 
people. (like this list) will be the ones to figure it out.  After 
all, our motivation stems from the health and well being of our loved 
ones - not the almighty dollar.

On this subject of so-called cures, is anyone familiar with an 
article that appeared in Dr. Atkins "Health Revelations" flyer?  It 
stated that an 11 year old by the name of Marie Speiler was healed of 
juvenile diabetes.  Yes, can you believe it - he actually made this 
claim.  So, I got on the phone and called the Atkins Center telling 
them I had a son with insulin dependent diabetes and wanted more 
information.  I wanted to make them accountable for what they 
claimed.  I kept getting the run-around, put on hold indefinitely, 
etc.  Finally someone took my message to forward to medical director. 
What a big surprise, I never received a call back.  I tried three 
times.  This was probably almost a year ago.  How do the rest of you 
feel?  I was so angry, I thought about calling the ADA and JDF to get 
them involved.  I think it is inexcusable to print something like 
that and get away with it.  I still have the article and publication 
if anyone would like a copy.  Does this anger any of you?

Cindy, mom to 13 y/o Noah, dx 6/96, pumper since 7/99

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