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[IP] Grey Ribbon Campaign

I hope it's okay to send this information along.  I did some research on this Grey Ribbon Campaign, because I needed an idea to raise money for the JDF Walk to Cure Diabetes.  Our team will be called Eliza's Angels.  I'm going to find out if we can get our local vendors to give out the ribbons for a small donation for diabetes awareness.
Here is how to make the ribbons:

As for making the ribbons,  the methods vary only slightly among our ribbon makers. We use either 1/4, 1/2 or 5/8" grosgrain or satin ribbon (gray or silver) cut into a 4 to 6" strips. We loop the strip and place a tiny bit of glue (using a glue gun or fabric glue) to hold the ribbon together. Then we place a red stone at the fold. I prefer the 1/2 ribbon. Others like the 1/4" or the 5/8". I have used jewelry pins but that's not necessary; others have successfully used small safety pins.

This information can be found on the following website: