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Re: [IP] products for kids

Stephanie started pumping at age 8 and was around 70 pounds. We tried several 
different styles of infusion sets before we ever even ordered her pump...the 
only one she found easy to use was the rapid (and since it doesn't come in 
quick release we got a Disetronic pump because Stephanie's a water rat). We 
started with the 8mm rapid and switched to the 6mm rapid when it became 
available. Occasionally now she will use a tender/silhouette but at 85 
pounds, she still finds the 6mm rapid to be most comfortable to insert and 

As for emla, sometimes she uses it, sometimes not...if she's trying a new 
area for her set she will use it until she's a little more comfortable with 
the process, but for old tried and true areas, she doesn't generally use it. 
She turned 11 yesterday and has been pumping for almost 2.5 years, and I know 
still not to count on anything being exactly the same!

Good Luck,
Betsy Sale
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