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Re: [IP] High morning numbers

In a message dated 6/14/00 8:58:22 AM US Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< My fasting numbers
 are good in the morning but as soon as I eat they skyrocket.  Doesn't seem
 to matter how much I bolus.  I usually eat an english muffin and a cup of
 coffee with flavored creamer.  Just wondered if anyone had found a "cure"
 for this yet? >>

Cure, ha ha ha.....  but this works for me.  Upon waking, and before getting 
out of bed, I reach for my test kit and take a bg reading.  If its low, below 
80, I do nothing.  If its 85-120, I take about 0.3 units; 120-150, 0.6-0.8 
units, 150-175, 1 unit; etc.  As always, YMMV, big time.  Then I get up and 
go about getting dressed, tidy up the house , and about 90 minutes after 
waking I eat breakfast and use a 1:8 carb ratio. My ratio later in the day is 
1:12 lunch and 1:15 dinner. Lately breakfast has been 1c cereal, 1/2 c milk.  
Then I test about 11am, cause sometimes I crash if I have overdone the 
insulin in am, but usually it is just right for lunch at 12-1pm.   This took 
me quite a while of testing and really had to get my courage up to bolus at a 
low bg and not eat for awhile, but it works for me.  The rest of you may be 
different, but if there are other "wake up spikers", this is my solution . . 
. today . . . tomorrow someone may have a better idea???

Since I started doing this my A1c came down from 7.1 to 5.6

IDDM 20 yrs, pumping 4 yrs
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