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Re: [IP] Hep B Vaccine Linked to Onset of DM

As for the higher medical powers that be in this country and their vaccine
theory I throw that one out the window with the milk one.  "They" also claim
in some instances that vaccines have been the cause of Autism.  (my oldest
child has mild Autism)   I don't have time in the day to worry about what
may have cause my families medical problems.  If I did then I'd be a
bumbling fool.  Doctors and researchers get paid to do that stuff and when
there is definite evidence of something then I'll pay attention. But still
won't hold on to it too tightly because it won't change mine or my sons
condition until they use the information to find a cure.  All this wasted
energy trying to know "why", when you could use it to make yourself more
comfortable and healthy now.  Just my .02 on the vaccine thing.


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