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[IP] Quantity of strips and starting up

#1. >>> Roselea wrote:
> > That's why I'm so surprised now that they don't
> > want to give me the necessary test strips so I can make the pump work
> the
> > best for me.  I also found out that they have limits on how many pump
> > supplies I can get.  For example:  cartridges - 10 boxes per year.
> Infusion
> > sets - 10 boxes per year.  Now, it seems that it doesn't matter how many
> of
> > these items are in the box, whether it's 10 or 200, it's only 10 boxes
> per
> > year, which makes this whole thing ludicrous!<<<<
	RoseLea:  Mini Med, from whom I get all my supplies, has handled all
those fights for me.  When I first started (5 year ago) I vaguely remember
some question about 30 or 90 days supplies.  Now it is 90 days supply
available.   My last order was for 900 strips.   MM handles all the hassle
and BCBS pays (80%).   But they do all the fighting with the insurance
company because it is in their best interests to do so.  Try getting them
involved, if you have the doctor's Rx for 10+ tests a day. 
	#2  From: "SAM01" <email @ redacted>
	>>>I just found out that my son is going to get the pump.  I know
you all are
> veterns, and hope you can tolerate some questions.
> Do I have to get in touch with the insurance company and the pump company?
> Or does the pump team that  we will be working with start the ball
> rolling?<<<<<
	Dear Sam01: Let the pump company do all the work.  Once your doctor
notifies them you are going on the pump, you SHOULD just sit back and wait
on deliver, while, as Michael said, memorizing any version of "Pumping
Insulin" you can get.   Maybe I was just lucky, but even in the lowest state
in the nation (except for Mississippi) Mini Med handled everything with the
insurance company, filed the claims and everthing.  I just send MM a fat
check every month, and until a cure, probably will do so forever.   Good
luck and let us know what is happening.
	Bonnie Richardson
	Huntsville, AL

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