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[IP] re: school's out/ basal changes

 Haha! DEFINITELY! My basals have been so screwed up
the past two weeks I NEED a change. I have 9 basals
which worked for May, I made more changes ni june and
never caught up (but I did stop using rapids then too,
so that is I think part of the prob). I remember last
year I was worried about pumping in school and needing
basal changes in Sept, but back then it didn't matter.
So technically, Geneva might not need basal changes,
if  her basals are "that good". I know mine are not. I
have no consisent numbers and even when they are,
they're consistently high.... Maybe try to get a good
routine for summer though b4 testing basals (ie, wake
up at 9 NOt 5:30am!) 
   Anyhow, anyone can answer this--I did mix regular
in my pump a few days back (personally I've seen 0000
benefits, although my set has NOT hurt! but it is a
rapid not a micro). The pump bump I end uop with
should be interesting. As I see it, I cannot test
basals with R in my pump b/c that would screw up my
results, RIGHT? I was planning on mixing 1:15, and
then realized I suck at math...240U of H and 60U of

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