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Re: : [IP] Missing the Point About Insurance and Strips

... my company seems to be willing to pay for 300 (or whatever I think) per 
month if i get em in the pharmacy, but if I want them three months at a time 
they will only do 600 for the three month period.  Now why can't they do the 
math there???  The other strange thing is that since they claimed that they 
WOULD supply all 900 at once if I got a letter of neccessity (isn't that what 
my prescription said????) from the doc.. well i was a little too slow this 
three month cycle and ended up short... so i figured I'd try to go to  my 
local pharmacy and fill the one month script for the SAME strips... guess 
what.. no problem!   I have also had similar things when I was using two 
different insulins (both Humalog but one vial and one pen fil for example) 
and two machines needing two kinds of strips... they almost always say no 
first (often the pharmacist until i demand they TRY...) but sometimes all it 
takes is a phone call for the pharmacist to get an override authority, or 
sometimes I just have to fill them on two separate days.  EIther way I 
wouldn't give up.  Keep at 'em!

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