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Re: [IP] Stupid Q's

 >I'm justs gonna hafta disagree with this one. It sounds so good, and right,
 >and proper, but I'm sure many have heard stupid questions - (the above,
 >however, is NOT a stupid Q). On Memorial Day a local newsie asked a widow if
 >she wishes her husband were here to receive his war medal.  Now, come on --
 >don't you think that was stupid??? If someone doesn't know something, I DO
 >agree it is better to ask, otherwise how do we learn? But, there ARE *some*
 >stupid questions. YMMV

An honestly asked question is never stupid in my book. To label a question 
as stupid is to label the asker as stupid. And, making judgmental 
valuations of others like that only serves to stifle inquiry and thought.

If we are afraid to ask questions, then we are only promoting ignorance. 
Since the whole purpose of this group is to share information, the only way 
to do that is via open and frank questions and answers. I hope that we 
never stop asking questions... in my opinion, to stop questioning is to 
stop living.

That's just my 2 cents worth.


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