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Re: [IP] Hep B Vaccine Linked to Onset of DM

My son was a 8 lb., 2 oz. term baby, breast fed for two months, went straight to
soy formula (lots of lactose intolerance in our family), had no cow's milk until
after his first birthday.  He just started the Hep B vaccine series a couple of
months ago (he is now 14, has been diabetic since age 5).
At the time he was dx'd (in 1991) we were told there was a theory that
development of Type 1 was linked to the mumps vaccine - he had a "non-mumps
parotitis" several months before diagnosis, and we were told that the mumps virus
in an immunized child could cause pancreatitis and possibly lead to the
autoimmune reaction that caused his beta cells to die.
Whatever.  Fact remains that researchers could come up with a million theories
and there are a million different people with Type 1 diabetes that  would fit
each theory.
We can't beat ourselves up over what could have, might have, may have caused the
onset of the diabetes. Hep B vaccinations are now required in Connecticut for
entrance into school, along with all the other required vaccines.

mom of Steven, age 14, pumping almost one year!

email @ redacted wrote:

> My daughter was diagnosed 2 months after some sort of Hep vaccination.  I try
> not to think about that one.
> Lindsey

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