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Pixie wrote on June 15:

>     I just got the results of my first C-Peptide in 17 years. I was always
> sure I was a MODY Type 2 (since I used tablets for 16 yrs), now they say
> a Type 1.5 (Type Weird?) What exactly is a Type 1.5? Can a Type 2 become a
> Type 1.5? I can't find anything on it. I'm just glad that I finally don't
> feel bad for needing insulin.
> Thanks!
> Pixie

Type 2 diabetes generally results from insulin resistance and occurs
primarily after 40ish and may require insulin because of a tuckered-out
pancreas (often because of extra weight and the use of sulfonalureas ).

Type 1 diabetes results from  islet cell antibodies and anti-GAD antibodies
that finishes off the pancreas in relatively short order and occurs
primarily under age 30ish, often younger
Type 1.5 diabetes is thought to result only from anti-GAD antibodies and
primarily occurs about 30 to 40ish and finishes off the pancreas relatively
slowly but the individual is definitely doomed to have a destroyed pancreas.
Type 1.5  has only recently been seriously considered as a diagnosis and was
often thought to be a type1 misdiagnosed as a type 2.

The information about type 1 & type 2 are old, and familiar to all here, but
an understanding of type 1.5 and the criteria for its diagnosis is still not

John Kinsley
email @ redacted
Type 1 since 1956
MM 507 since 6/9/98

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