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Re: [IP] Type 1.5??

Hi Tom,

   I've now been diagnosed with all the common forms of diabetes:) When I
was 11, I was diagnosed as a T1, but  at age 14, my endo decided to try me
on Micronase when I went to Mexico to see Halley's Comet over Chichen Itza,
Oddly enough, it worked, so I started taking oral agents only, and for 16
years I did that regimen, of various drugs and combos as many would stop
working.  I got the flu in December 1999, went into DKA and wham, I guess
that was when I became a 1.5:) Starting insulin on my honeymoon was a pain
in the wahzoo:) I have some minor insulin resistance and reduced insulin
production. For years I ranted that the oral agents weren't doing as well as
I wanted and finally got an endo who believed me and when I first got my
pump in February, I felt guilty b/c I was a diagnosed type 2 (MODY tho, my
mom was identicval but did not take insulin, oral agents and was (grrrr,
hate this term), non-compliant until her death at age 46). I think my
pancreas finally just got tired of working so hard to compensate and is
finally slacking off.

    All this time, I felt bad and weak for needing insulin and wanting a
pump, I thought it was if I really didn't deserve one or need one b/c I was
a just a T2, despite my out of control sugars before getting it. Now I feel
not as weak and babysish becuase I really know now I have a medical
necessity for insulin. I wasn't overreacting or simply wanting to poke
myself with syringes all the time b/c it made me feel "more diabetic"  I
wanted it so I could prevent complications and could have children and a
normal life of driving and working. I realize now I'll never be able to do
tablets again and that's ok, I love my pump. With this new diagnosis and
knowing what my body's actually doing, I feel justified and allowed to take
shots (gfor big boluses) and using Fluffy the pump.

>I can understand why people get frustrated with diabetes,
>but in my case, I'm really happy to be diabetic

I'm happy to be diabetic too, it made me a better, stronger person, made me
more aware of my body and its demands and more compassionate to others with
chronic illness. Diabetes isn't so bad., it just difficult:)

Thanks for your email!

Randi "Pixie" Bruner
#9603-040   Bete SA
"Women and cats will do as they please and men and dogs
should relax and  get used to the idea." -Robert A. Heinlein

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