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Re: [IP] I don't mean to sound stupid, but........

> I just found out that my son is going to get the pump.  Do I have
> to get in touch with the insurance company and the pump company? Or
> does the pump team that  we will be working with start the ball
> rolling? I have already decided which pump we will be using, but I'm
> just not sure where to start.  Do I need to wait until after the
> trial run of saline? Or should I start doing something now?

Well.... unless you have "absolute and complete" trust in your pump 
team, contact the pump company and let them handle it. They have a 
large economic incentive to make it happen and have permanent people 
on staff just to hassle the insurance companies. Continue your 
education process by learning everything you possibly can about 
pumping, carb counting, etc.... Buy a copy of Pumping Insulin and 
(heh... heh....) commit it to memory -- everything in there will be 
useful. In the mean time, just sit back, relax, and wait for the 
"good times".

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