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Re: [IP] I don't mean to sound stupid, but........

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From: "Mary Jean Renstrom" <email @ redacted>
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Sent: June 15, 2000 9:19 PM
Subject: Re: [IP] I don't mean to sound stupid, but........

> << Do I have to get in touch with the insurance company and the pump
> Or does the pump team that  we will be working with start the ball
rolling? >>

Never such a thing as a stupid question.

This is how we handled the dreaded 'insurance' game.  First I contacted the
insurance company to ensure that the insulin pump and supplies were covered
and under what restrictions.  In our case, it needed to be prescribed by a
Diabetic Endriconologist (is that spelt right?) who was part of a diabetic
team associated with a teaching hospital.  That meant we had to go
off-island for our 'script'.  While waiting for our appointment I contacted
the rep for Disetronic (this is the pump we chose after carefully
considering both of them) to give her a heads up and keep her in the loop.
When we got the prescription - I called Auto-Control (Disetronic's re-seller
here in Canada) and co-ordinated the training sessions for ourselves, the
diabetic team here on the Island as well as the Diabetic Education Centre.
Our loaner pump arrived two weeks before training.  Auto-Control Medical let
us use the loaner pump from October until January so that Greg could
actually decide yes or no as to whether or not he really wanted to be a
pumper.   In December we actually started the process with the insurance
company as far as setting it up so that they would pay Auto-Control Medical
directly and we would only have to pay the 20% difference.  Believe it or
not, the paper work involved took us almost to February before Disetronic
finally received any money for the pump and/or supplies.  However, they were
excellent as far as helping us sort out any of the problems.  Hope this
helps :)
Wendy (mom to Greg, 13 dx'd Dec 98)
WORK like you don't need the money...
LOVE like you've never been hurt...
DANCE like nobody's watching...
LIVE like there is no tomorrow!

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