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Re: [IP] Type 1.5??

Hi Pixie,

According to several doctors and CDE's I'm also type 1.5 -
probably for different reasons, but the same concept.  Its
essentially having characteristics of both T1 and T2.  My
BG's were fine until I had acute pancreatitis last December.
When my pancreas failed, it led to multi-organ failure,
renal failure, massive weight loss and several heart attacks
over the course of 4 days (my medical team gave me about 8
hours to live at that point).  This wiped out all my insulin
production ability so it essentially put me in the T1
category for treatment.  However, because of a T2 propensity
in my family, I was beginning to have insulin resistance
before the pancreatitis.  Hence type 1.5.

At a recent conference "Taking Control of your Diabetes",
one of the national speakers talked about how some T2
diabetes may actually have diabetes some 15 years before
insulin is needed for correction..  Essentially, he said,
the pancreas compensates by making much higher than normal
amounts of insulin (giving normal BG readings).  As the T2
resistance grows, the insulin production increases -- until
the pancreas is burned out.  At which point, insulin
production drops off or (in some cases stops), but
resistance remains - creating both an insulin production
deficiency and an insulin resistance, or type 1.5.

I can understand why people get frustrated with diabetes,
but in my case, I'm really happy to be diabetic.  When my
wife and I were told that I wouldn't live until morning and
that last rites should be administered and then I pulled
through with "just diabetes" and supraventricular
arrhythmia, it really brought life into perspective quickly.
For me, the alternative was much worse than the diabetes.

Regards to all...

Tom Wellman

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