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Re: [IP] cure (reply to Andrew Bender, M. D.)

"Andrew Bender, M. D." wrote:


> It costs the Uncle plenty to take care of those of us who are on Medicare I
> am on disability because of diabetes and when I was practicing, the Uncle
> was making a lot of money on what I paid in Taxes. Uncle also  paid plenty
> to get me trained through an NIH training fellowship plus what he gave my
> school for educating me. Now, its all lost to him. I wish I could work but I
> cannot. All I can do now is sit in school all day and teach med students. AB

And how much do they really teach about diabetes in med school?

> If I go blind I won't be able to do anything to give back to society.

Being idealistic, I believe that if Elizabeth Kubler-Ross had been blind after
starting to teach in med schools...... She could have still done the
"outrageous"!!!!!   BEING VERY SARCASTIC:  How dare she have the radical idea
that cancer patients talking about their feelings would be beneficial in a med
school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   (I wish more people were that courageous).

Jim S.
email @ redacted

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