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[IP] Mediical Director

Rose Lea writes:
Michael, I'm in Michigan.  While I have an address for the insurance
commissioner I don't have one for a "Medical Director" for the state.  The
booklet my husband got from work on the policy states an appeals process,

Most States do not have a medical director. Usually you have your doctor
write your insurance company a prescription for a specific number of strips
per day then ask for a 90 day supply although the number given per
prescription may vary by policy. Like test 10 times a day every day would be
70 strips per week for 12 weeks. If they refuse to fill that you need to
have your doc write a letter: My patient Rose Lea has IDDM and is undergoing
intensive insulin therapy with an insulin pump. I have instructed her to
test a minimum of ten times a day over the next Millennium etc. If they
don't give you the strips then it could be breech of contract and calling
your state legislator and having him/her put you in touch with the insurance
commissar might be helpful. If not mention the L word and breech of contract
phrase that usually has a favorable outcome.  Above all do not give up,
these people need to be nagged until they can't stand it any more. Another
Tack is if it is a Blue Shield/Cross plan call the County Medical society
and complain to them. Blue Cross/ Shield plans bill themselves as "The
Doctor's Plan" which they are not. Tell the medical society that they do
call themselves "The Doctor's plan" Be persistent, nag away AB

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