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[IP] zone stuff and pasta

you might find, as we have, that BGS will improve by the following

bread:  100% whole wheat  (more than 3 grams fiber per serving...not too
many out there!)

rice:  basmati

pasta:  AL DENTE   ...(underdone for you germans out there)...cook one
minute less than lowest time on package.

potatoes:  new potatoes rather than the big, fat, white ones from idaho

not to say that we eat this way all of the time...but I see a marked
improvement in geneva's BGS... IF she eats starches per above.  otherwise we
have problems with spiking later.

*ALSO...I am noticing that on weight watchers,  there are LESS points for
high fiber cereals/breads/rice.  in other words,  I am allowed to eat MORE
of these foods and still lose weight.
for example... a piece of white bread is 2 points,  a piece of high fiber
bread is only 1.  thuse...I can make a whole sandwich instead of half.  FYI
....those on weight loss programs.

and we definitely need more fruits/veggies.


>as a Type 1, I've found that by greatly reducing the
> bread, rice, pasta, and potatoes in my diet  and eating more fresh fruits
> and veggies, I have better overall blood sugar control.

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