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Re: [IP] Read and understand the message

Sheila wrote:

<<I think that Rosa's complaint about her Insurance was about a test strips
issue.  She already has the pump.>>

That's right, Sheila.  And, they gave me the pump once they received the
bill, no questions asked.  That's why I'm so surprised now that they don't
want to give me the necessary test strips so I can make the pump work the
best for me.  I also found out that they have limits on how many pump
supplies I can get.  For example:  cartridges - 10 boxes per year.  Infusion
sets - 10 boxes per year.  Now, it seems that it doesn't matter how many of
these items are in the box, whether it's 10 or 200, it's only 10 boxes per
year, which makes this whole thing ludicrous!

One more point on the stupidity of insurance companies.  When I bought my
test strips myself, they did send me a check for 250 of them (even though
it's only supposed to be 200) and they paid me about $186.00 for the strips
and lancets (which was 100% of my cost).  But, and this is what makes me
laugh, they want me to go to one of 'their providers' who charges them $288
for the same amount of supplies and they approve $264 of that charge!  This
is also ludicrous.  If I buy them myself, I can save them about $80 per
month!  Sheesh!

RoseLea and Max, thinking there's not a brain available in BC/BS of

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