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[IP] kristin's skinny, resistant-to-assimilation hubby

Kristin wrote:
>  He is 5'9" and 135-140 lbs.  HE IS VERY SKINNY
> Any suggestions on how to make injections more comfy?

Maybe feed him some B & J Chubby Hubby....that'll put some meat on him.  But 
seriously, have him insert the needle at a very shallow angle..just slide it 
under the skin.  If he goes on the pump, suggest he use the 
silhouette/tender, as you can not adjust the angle on a sof set.

>  Also does anyone know the approx. carbs he should be eating 
>  per day, and per meal?

have you NOT been following the recent thread regarding what one sould or 
should not eat?  LOL

Basically he should eat what he wants.  If he is hungry he CAN eat (unless 
his bg is high or you are doing basal tests or whatever).  If he isn't 
hungry, he doesn't HAVE to.  If he wants to gain weight, eat more, if he 
wants to lose weight, eat less.  If he wants to raise his cholesterol, eat 
more eggs and so forth.  

If he wants to get educated as to the Recommended Daily Allowances for Men 
and Women of different ages, I am sure thre is a web site, but IMHO, for one 
person to tell your husband what he OUGHT to eat, is denying your husband his 
freedom of choice. 

> I know he will not be willing to take more than two shots a day
> 100% completely against the pump (that denial thing).

did I miss this, but did you say why?  doesn't the idea of NOT having to 
worry about NPH spikes or missing meals or eating extra chocolate appeal to 
him?  though pumps are not for everyone, I just was wondering what HIS main 
gripe about it was

>  I am 100% completely for the pump, 

He is lucky to have you!!!!!  good thing someone is looking at for him...

> I just want to.....figure out what kind of meals to fix.

well, it will be a lot easier if he is on a pump, but basically high complex 
carb, low fat, high fiber diets are about as un-gimmicky as you can get.  
Nothing wrong with a nice lean steak and some mashed potatoes and a fruit 
salad, or tuna casserole (use tuna packed in water).

> If he doesn't have some kind of bread or starch he goes low, 
> but I guess all diabetics are like that?

well it is hard to generalize about "all" but usually, if you take regular 
insulin prior to a meal,  you HAVE to injest some bread/starch aka as "carbs" 
or you will go low.  Taking just the two shots, he will HAVE to eat lunch at 
the time the NPH is peaking and that can't just be a can of tuna fish most 
likely.  He will need the carbs as well.  NPH's peak is slower, but it can 
still drop you

Good luck and stay sane - Ryan, Nathan and Ashley need ya

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