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[IP] first night

gordon wrote:
>  loaded the gun and shot it in.  I sat down ,found a 1/2 
> inch roll and pulled the triger,
>  Question I guess I should have done this standing?

You actually had to LOOK for a 1/2" roll?  LOL how nice - oh yeah - you are 
the tall skinny minnie...actually I find it easier to do my belly when I am 
standing, but then i have no problem "finding" some chunky monkey to grasp.  
I sit for my legs.  I find it hurts less if there is no muscle tension in 
whatever I am poking into...in fact I will press my head into the bottom of 
my loft really hard, in the belief that the induced pain ELSEWHERE in my body 
will distract me enough to allow my skin cells to separate enough to allow 
the needle to get in me

>  It dosent hurt I just seem to want to baby that area side
>  is that normal?

yes.  for a while you will walk around with your arm away from your body, yo 
will flinch if someone walks to close to you, you will gasp in terror when 
you pull your drawers down too fast and feel a little tug

this will all pass and it will feel as much a part of you as your arm

Welcome to the Borg.  Resistence is futile, but why would you WANT to resist?

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