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[IP] Onward Defective Soldiers

Sammi, Sara MG and Bonnie:
Thank you for your nice public responses to my battle cry!

>  but I don't want to through my pump out the window like
>  they did the TVs.  OK?!!

No no, i was thinking more on the lines of burning our written logs and 
supply packaging and the myraid copies of Pumping Insulin (in all versions, 
and including the Humalog supplement), in a massive bonfire, much as our 
mothers did bras in the 60s (well not MINE)  We want FREEDOM!  LOL Guys you 
are invited too..this is a multi gender event

> paint pump cases psychedelic glow colors, load our supplies (meters, 
> lancets, wipes, infusion sets, etc, etc, etc), around our necks

god forbid we sould use them lancets as a weapon!!!!!!

>  all insurance cover all diabetes supplies including pumps, strips 
> and maybe even the Lands End nightgowns with pockets!!!

come on...be realistic...(VBG) lets just get insurance AVAILABLE to everyone 
who needs....if they then need to fight and gripe about the quality of 
coverage, let's save that for the next battle...

Sara Falconer, which is a Scottish name! Maybe I am a distant relative of old 
Braveheart!  However blue is NOT one of my better colors...Mel Gibson had 
blue eyes so it worked for him...I woud do better painted mauve, or maybe a 
lemon yellow....
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