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<< My husbands ex-wife just called me and said that a Dr. Sears was on Good
Morning America speaking about a book that he wrote called "In The Zone" and
"Soy Zone".  It supposedly (the diet I guess) helps to bring BS levels under
control and helps the body loose weight.  I was wondering if anyone saw this
or knows anything about it... >>


I have Type I diabetes, and my husband has hypoglycemia. He was having a
terrible time with lows, and suggested that we try the Zone Diet. This was
in March. Since then, both he and I have been managing our blood sugar much
better.  He has lost about 10 pounds, and has all but eliminated his hypos.
 I haven't lost any weight, because I don't need to. The theory is that you
will naturally gravitate toward your ideal weight. It can be a weight loss
regimen, but the focus is more on healthy eating.  

The gist of it is to eliminate (or greatly reduce) the starchy, simple
carbs, and eat plenty of complex carbs. He advocates eating low-fat protein
with every meal and snack, and adding mono-unsaturated fats (olive oil,
nuts, avocados) into the diet. I wouldn't say it is a "high protein" or a
"low carb" diet in the way that the Atkins diet is, but I am consuming less
carbs and slightly more protein than I used to. The key is to try to
balance the protein, carbs, and fat for optimal performance. I typically
eat about 30 grams of carbs at each meal. (As I understand the Atkins diet,
he advocates eating a TOTAL of 30 grams in a DAY!  Ouch!) I don't walk away
from a meal hungry because the low carb veggies are filling. A typical
lunch for me is a large chef's salad and a piece of fruit.

Dr. Sears' "diet" is intended for people who don't have type 1 diabetes, in
hopes of keeping their overall insulin production lower. Insulin allows
your cells to use energy, and it allows your body to store excess calories
as fat. However, as a Type 1, I've found that by greatly reducing the
bread, rice, pasta, and potatoes in my diet  and eating more fresh fruits
and veggies, I have better overall blood sugar control.

**However** I do still enjoy occasional treats such as the blackberry
cobbler I made earlier in the week. I count the carbs (they CAN be counted)
and give myself the insulin to cover it.  As long as I'm not giving "a lot"
of insulin at any one time, I manage just fine.  My body seems to be less
efficient at using carbs if I eat more than about 40 grams in a meal or
snack.  YMMV

For more information, you can check out the Zone website:


Mary Jean
IDDM for 10 years, pumping and carb counting for 3 1/2 years.

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