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> email @ redacted writes:
> <<  Some people get complications and some don't.  It's a fact.  And
>  > VERY often, it has NOTHING to do with high A1Cs or length of time with
>  disease >>

> You mean I have been making a big mistake over 50 years? I wish they had
> me it didn't matter when I was a teen. Roger C

I think it's both! The luck of the gene pool - sometimes; and/or the care of
oneself - sometimes. And who knows which? I believe I have survived these 50
years due to good genes. Of course, my pancreas gave out after 8 years of
continuous boils, carbuncles, and sties starting when I was 3, but hey,
something's gotta give when no treatment is provided!  I was encouraged to
eat most anything without any limitations on my ONE shot of NPH/Regular a
day starting in 1950. Pee tests didn't tell the story and I didn't like wet
hands. I could go on and on, but you can read more about it on my website, I
guess. My father is 85 and mother is 84. He had 4 bypasses 14 years ago
after a major heartquake and crawling next door the following a.m., and she
is pretty healthy. She had 2 bros drop dead of heart attacks at 49, he had 2
bros also and his father. My lowest A1c in almost 50 years was 4/00 = 6.1.
Jan http://maxpages.com/bludasue

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