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Re: [IP] proper and right

>In a message dated 6/15/00 10:03:22 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
>email @ redacted writes:
><<  Some people get complications and some don't.  It's a fact.  And
>  > often, it has NOTHING to do with high A1Cs or length of time with the
>  disease >>
>You mean I have been making a big mistake over 50 years? I wish they had 
>me it didn't matter when I was a teen. Roger C

In my opinion it just depends on the person or just luck? - I've had 
diabetes since the age of 7 and had a lot of lows at young age was always in 
Hospital and when was in teen years I was in a candy and chocolate craze and 
didn't really care.
I started to realize that I shouldn't do this when I reached in my early 
30's and started hunting for a good doctor because whatever I did didn't 
work to get my Blood sugars in control.  I've finally found a PCP that send 
me to an endo who put me on the pump a whala now I'm finally in pretty good 
control and so far with minimal complications.

But then again there are alot of diabetics who are diagnosed with it and get 
complications within a few years so I guess I'm just lucky.

But then again I don't recommend anyone to just say the heck with it because 
I still think better control in the beginning would still make you live 

and don't forget each person is different and YMMV!!!

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