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Re: [IP] Michael, what do I do?

> Michael, I'm in Michigan. 
Well, Michigan is not yet one of the states where coverage is 
mandatory for diabetes supplies, so while your at it, write a letter 
to both your state senator and the assembly person for your district, 
telling your tale about this mess. IT WILL HELP.

In the mean time. Continue with appeals if necessary. As I said 
before, unless the policy specifically states the maximum number of 
strips, if any are covered at all, it has to be what the doctor 
orders. You just have to be pushy.

> While I have an address for the insurance
> commissioner I don't have one for a "Medical Director" for the
> state.  
The Medical Director would be for BS/BC -- call the claims office and 
ask for the name and telephone number of their Medical Director. They 
can supply you with that information.

>The booklet my husband got from work on the policy states an
> appeals process, but we haven't been "denied" a claim yet, we've
> been denied being able to make a claim for the additional test
> strips.
Order what you need and if denied by anyone, even the pharmacist, ask 
for the denial in writing. Or absent co-operation, order the entire 
amount anyway and use the receipt as proof of denial for any portion 
that is refused by the insurance company.

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