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Re: [IP] Me again!

> Ok, this time the questions are for the benefit of my hubby.
> He is 5'9" and 135-140 lbs.  HE IS VERY SKINNY.  Any suggestions on
> how to make injections more comfy?

Don't inject into muscle, just under the skin into the subcutaneous 
layer. Slide it in sideways -- tummys, thighs, all work well.
> Also does anyone know the approx. carbs he should be eating per day,
> and per meal?
> So we will obviously be adjusting his insulin doses.  Any idea how
> much is safe to adjust at one time.  I heard ten percent.

If you want to mess with doses, it would be much better to carb count 
and match insulin to food + basal requirements. you don't need a pump 
to do that, just a brain. All the directions are in the book Pumping 
Insulin. Even though it was written for pumpers, the information is 
directly applicable to anyone on MDI and carb counting.

Your hubby's medical team should also include a dietician and CDE 
that should be up to speed on all these subjects. -- Talk to them.

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