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RE: [IP] Me again!

kristin suchy wrote:
> He is 5'9" and 135-140 lbs.  HE IS VERY SKINNY.  Any suggestions on how to
> make injections more comfy?

What type of syringe is he using?  As you probably found for your child
there are syringes that have short tips (4mm I think) on the market instead
of the standard length (9mm?) that most of us used.  I didn't know about
them until a week before pumping...sigh.  The doctor often encourages people
to get a set of them for injection places that are awkward for the longer
needle such as arms, hips, etc.  They home in the 1/2cc size since I had a
few, but I would think they come in other sizes too.  If he isn't using them
this might be a good place to start.  

How does he feel functioning on 2 shots a day?  Before getting the pump I
was doing 3 and still felt terrible and in the dark ages.  I have so much
more energy now and freedom.  The spontaneity part is the best.

Well maybe the two of us should get together and drag your hubby and my dad
into a room and bully them into getting pumps. ;)  My dad can't get over the
"you sleep with it?" part.  Ugghh...  However my mother-in-law is sorting
the idea through in her head and told her endo about it.  He was against her
getting it, didn't think she was smart enough to do it. (For those of you
who remember my posts this time last year I had just seen him for the first
time and wasn't thrilled and moved on). I told her she should sue his a**
and get a new endo. :)  So she may be shopping for a new endo soon. :)

Well I've babbled long enough, you guys must be sick of me by now. :)

-- Sherry
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