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Re: [IP] Seen this today..Vent...

Fran Baumgartner wrote:
> >  Of the estimated 10 million people in the U.S. who suffer from diabetes,
> >  about 5% to 10% of them are dependent on daily shots of insulin to keep
> >  their blood sugar levels from becoming dangerously high. >>
> I do think dangerously high is a bit lame, no insulin means dead in 3-4
> days!  I think it's much more serious than becoming dangerously high, more
> like dangerously dead.
> Stuff like this really makes my hair stand on edge and without the gel!

Estimate is wrong --there are about 16 million diabetics in the US 
(maybe someone read a 6 as a 0) -- and growing. The vast majority (about
90%) of them are Type 2's, and of those 30 - 40% use insulin, and the
statement does apply to them.

It would be lovely if newswriters knew the difference between Type 1 and
Type 2 -- the problem is lumping everyone together when they're really 2
distinctly DIFFERENT diseases that happen to share certain symptoms and
sequelae (hope you like the big word!). Sometimes I wish that Type 1 and
Type 2 had different names -- it would help avoid that confusion!

Well, it ain't utopia, and so I guess we all need to patiently keep
educating people one at a time. Gotta pay our DUES (Diabetic Underground
Education System!). 
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