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Re: [IP] Me again!

kristin suchy wrote:
> He is 5'9" and 135-140 lbs.  HE IS VERY SKINNY.  Any suggestions on how to
> make injections more comfy?

Yeah, going in at an angle. Just like the Sil. Pinch up some skin and go
in at a 10 - 30 degree angle instead of straight down.

> Also does anyone know the approx. carbs he should be eating per day, and per
> meal?

Totally YMMV. The issue is, if he's not adjusting insulin to meals, his
BGs are not going to be good unless he's VERY rigid about how much he
eats. You really need to consult his doc and a dietitian about it.
> He is on two shots a day, R and NPH in the morning and R and NPH at night.

Which means he's roped into eating lunch at a specific time, and MUST
have a bedtime snack. Ah, the freedom of the pump!!!!
> I know he will not be willing to take more than two shots a day, and he is
> 100% completely against the pump (that denial thing).  I am 100% 
> completely for the pump, but then again, I don't have to wear it.

Are there any pumper's groups in your area? The best way to get a feel
for the pump is to attend a group. Then people who KNOW what they're
talking about from experience can talk to him. He might actually enjoy
getting to talk to other diabetics.
> If he doesn't have some kind of bread or starch he goes low, but I guess all
> diabetics are like that?

Well, if he's on a fixed insulin regimen that is calculated for a
specific amount of carbs, then yes, he will go low. A person who's on a
flexible regimen CAN eat a lunch with few carbs and do fine, provided
that basal insulin is correct, and there is no unusual exercise or

Good luck, Kristin! 

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