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Re: [IP] bolusing for protein/fat

<<  Seems I get hit in the middle of the night when I eat a meal that is high 
protein and fat.>>

I have found (after many highs the next morning after a perfect day before 
dealing with a meal of high fat and carbs) that my body deals with the fat in 
a high fat/carb meal over the three hours following that meal - so I usually 
figure that if a meal has 50% of the calories coming from fat then i cut the 
carbs in half and bolus that percentage now and the rest plus a few units 
(depending on the total number of carbs in the meal) over the next three 
hours.  That has worked pretty consistently for me  durnig the day.  If you 
are going low during those few hours particulary the first hour and a half - 
then you are probably bolusing too much up front.  The fun part for me is 
that over night part.  Seems like no matter what time I ate my high fat meal, 
as soon as my head hits the pillow (and that COULD mean a mid day nap) I need 
to square wave about 4 units plus or minus over the next 3 hours.  I just 
love my body!  Sounds like yours may do the same thing to you.  I also have 
to adjust my basals if i go to bed before my basals are set to climb.  
Whenever I fall asleep (for the first few hours only) I need about 50% higher 
basals.  And lucky me once again... even if I only take a 30 minute nap... 
that 3 hour period is open... my basal rate won't return to normal until a 
few hours after I had first hit the pillow.  Hope some of my findings might 
help you.  

Good Luck

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