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[IP] skyrocket in the morning

I have been seeing something with geneva's morning situation that also
baffles me.

if she awakens around 100  (which is what we correct to upon rising)...then
eats, and if she uses her normal 1:12 carb ratio...she ends up plummeting by
10-11 am.  (85 and sinking)

BUT,  if she awakens in the high 100's...and she does a correction for
that....and eats and does her ratio,  she is  about 130-150 at noon.
(eating at 7:30 am)

so are we to assume that her carb ratio is incorrect?  or is it like roselea
says,  dependent upon the awakening BG?


>So, I'm
> playing around with a "getting out of bed in the morning bolus" to cover
> this phenomenon.  I tried using a higher carb ratio 1:7.5, but I tend to
> a little low a few hours after breakfast with this one.  I tried 1:10 but
> still went high after breakfast with this one.  And, yes, I do figure in
> close to my goal I am in the morning when I get up.

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