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Re: [IP] solution for skyrocket in the morning

Jose said:

<<The magic words are: Carbohydrate Ratio.>>

I have this problem of skyrocketing bgs in the morning whether I eat
anything or not.  Someone asked me if this was some type of delayed "dawn
phenomenon", perhaps it is.  Adjusting my basal doesn't work since the high
usually happens about 1 hour after getting up in the morning, and setting a
higher basal rate requires that I get up the same time everyday.   So, I'm
playing around with a "getting out of bed in the morning bolus" to cover
this phenomenon.  I tried using a higher carb ratio 1:7.5, but I tend to go
a little low a few hours after breakfast with this one.  I tried 1:10 but
still went high after breakfast with this one.  And, yes, I do figure in how
close to my goal I am in the morning when I get up.  Soooooooo life is never
simple and my mama always told me to always expect the unexpected.

RoseLea and Max

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