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Re: [IP] High morning numbers

I personally think it is the eng. muffin...especially if made with white
flour.  bread is high on glycemic index and usually causes spikes in BS.
try a high fiber bread, MORE than 3 grams of fiber per serving.  that's all
we eat these days  ( me on WW and geneva's D)    and geneva doesn't have
spikes when she eats it.  (unlike when she eats "cap'n crunch" cereal!)

my  .02...
ruth, geneva's mom

> > >  Doesn't seem
> > >  to matter how much I bolus.  I usually eat an english muffin and a
> of
> > >  coffee with flavored creamer.  Just wondered if anyone had found a
> "cure"
> > >  for this yet?
 sammi said:

 > One thing I remember being mentioned on here maybe about a month ago
> regarding this made my post-coffee mystery highs make a lot more sense.
> seems that the carbos in the creamer (I'm addicted to those flavored
> creamers...one of life's true pleasures) are processed in the body much
> faster than they would be ordinarily due to the heat of the coffee

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