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Re: [IP] Pumping insulin vol.3

Don asked:

<<I am to get a pump next week.  Have not received word when training
will start.  The teacher has been gone and due back later this week.
Would the book Pumping insulin vol.3  be helpful? >>

Don, immediately call 1-800-988-4772 and order Pumping Insulin, edition 3.
I wouldn't pump without it.  I'm waiting for my issue and hopefully it's
also on it's way to me just like Dawn's.  I have a copy of edition 2 and
found so much information in there to be helpful.  I can't wait to get the
new copy and start basal and bolus testing (with Humalog) to verify that I
have good amounts set on my pump for the best control and best flexibility
in my life.

RoseLea and Max, pumping 4 weeks and LOVING IT!

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