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Re: [IP] Michael, what do I do?

Michael, I'm in Michigan.  While I have an address for the insurance
commissioner I don't have one for a "Medical Director" for the state.  The
booklet my husband got from work on the policy states an appeals process,
but we haven't been "denied" a claim yet, we've been denied being able to
make a claim for the additional test strips.  I went ahead last night a
bought a bottle of 50 test strips so I wouldn't run short, but what do these
insurance people think?  200 strips per month allows you to test 6.45 times
per day.  I can use that many just during a bad night of bad bg's.  Sheesh.
As usual, it's people that don't have a clue setting policy...

RoseLea and Max, back to fighting the insurance guys.

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