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RE: [IP] got a question

Title: RE: [IP] got a question

This happens to me also.  I too notice soreness or sensitivity when bolusing over 3 units or so.  I also notice it more in places that do not absorb as well such as my arms.


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> I am experiencing some soreness and tenderness at the place of my
> site. It seems like when I bolus, it tends to get really sore. Does
> that happen to any of you, or is it my imagination? Should I change
> the set? I just had put it in yesterday. Just wondering.... thanks!

Sometimes this happens when it is close to a nerve (or whatever).
My daughter says that it only happens once in a while and that it
doesn't bother her bg's. Sometimes she will split the bolus and do
it 5 minutes apart since it seems to only occur with a large bolus
(for her) and then only infrequently when her set is in a particular
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