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Re: [IP] High morning numbers

> >  Doesn't seem
> >  to matter how much I bolus.  I usually eat an english muffin and a cup
> >  coffee with flavored creamer.  Just wondered if anyone had found a
> >  for this yet?

One thing I remember being mentioned on here maybe about a month ago
regarding this made my post-coffee mystery highs make a lot more sense.  It
seems that the carbos in the creamer (I'm addicted to those flavored
creamers...one of life's true pleasures) are processed in the body much
faster than they would be ordinarily due to the heat of the coffee.  I have
no idea if this is based on any scientific principle (I am not a scientist -
& although I've done some acting, I am not at all sure I could convincingly
play one on TV) or is merely a "collective observation" from coffee-drinkers
on the list, but once this came up, others chimed in that they had noticed
the same trend.  I started experimenting (hey, maybe that "playing a
scientist" thing is not so farfetched afterall...) with WHEN I bolused for
coffee - & found that, instead of bolusing right before drinking it, I
pre-bolus by about 15 minutes, my numbers end up making a lot more sense.
Then there are those mornings when the call of the coffee drowns out all the
common sense, & the glucometer tells the sad tale afterwards...  :-/


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