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[IP] 3 yr anniversary!

Greetings to all! In just about 24 hours, it will be my 3 yr anniversary of
pumping! For the most part I am absolutely thrilled with the results I have
had. No more of the "car crashing" hypos or the wild fluctuating BS"s! As a
matter of fact, I am ill right now with a summer cold, and my Bs's are still
stable. Not once have I had to be hospitalized for an illness, which pre-pump,
was a guarantee! Most of my complications have  improved or have not worsened!
I have been very lucky also that I have not had any of the problems that some
pumpers encountered, sites not lasting, tape not sticking, bubbles in insulin,
etc. My A1C's have gone from the teens to anywhere from 5.6-6.3!! The only
thing is that I just don't feel a whole lot better!? I have had IDDM for
approximately 30 years now.(I am 43 now) I have been on disability for the
last 5 years because of DM and its complications. I was hoping to feel a lot
better by now. I want to be able to return to work before I am to old, but am
afraid of failing. I know that no one here can answer these doubts for me or
explain why I don't feel much better even though my control has been almost
perfect. Does anyone have this problem? Could it just be the fact that I have
had DM so long and it has "aged" me so much faster? I am kind of bummed at the
thought of putting so much effort forward and not Feeling it. I know this post
probably sounds contradictory, which isn't how I meant it to be. I truly
believe the pump is the BEST method of controlling DM there is right now and
wish many more people could and would use it! And I would certainly hate to
think of the condition I might be in if I wasn't pumping the last 3 years!
Maybe that's the way I should look  at things? Well, anyway, THANKS for
listening! And thanks for all the info, support, and the good laughs too!! 

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