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[IP] Me again!

Ok, this time the questions are for the benefit of my hubby.

He is 5'9" and 135-140 lbs.  HE IS VERY SKINNY.  Any suggestions on how to 
make injections more comfy?

Also does anyone know the approx. carbs he should be eating per day, and per 

He is on two shots a day, R and NPH in the morning and R and NPH at night.

He hasn't been taking good care of himself, but hallelujah, we got a Fast 
Take for him today and we will start monitoring him regularly. I will 
probably be called the nagging wife.  Before he had the very cheap, and very 
awful Accu Chek Instant-IT SUCKED BIGTIME.  He could never get enough blood.

So we will obviously be adjusting his insulin doses.  Any idea how much is 
safe to adjust at one time.  I heard ten percent.

I know he will not be willing to take more than two shots a day, and he is 
100% completely against the pump (that denial thing).  I am 100% completely 
for the pump, but then again, I don't have to wear it.

I just want to make life easier for him, and to figure out what kind of 
meals to fix.

If he doesn't have some kind of bread or starch he goes low, but I guess all 
diabetics are like that?

Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks so much for all of you. You are 
great, and right now you guys are the only reason I am SANE!

wife to Ryan, dx'd 1992
mom to Nathan, 2, dx'd 5/99
and Ashley, 8 months.
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