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Re: [IP] Soft sets vs sils

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From: "Sherry Webb Nolan" <email @ redacted>
To: "'Andrew Bender, M. D. '" <email @ redacted>; "'Insulin-Pumpers List '"
<email @ redacted>
Sent: Wednesday, June 14, 2000 9:33 PM
Subject: RE: [IP] Soft sets vs sils

> Andrew Bender wrote:"There that being done I'll press send and wait for
> flood of opinioins at variance Heh Heh Sherry!"
> Sorry Andy I was at a pump meeting and couldn't respond sooner... :) That
> said...I actually agree with you on this one.  I started out using
> softsets with bad results.  I am allergic to the tape, and the canulla was
> too long and caused great pain and suffering on my part. (lots of bruises,
> lots of gushers, and lots of site changes).  So I switched to sils and get
> 4-8 days out of each.  I swap them at 4 days because I heal faster if I
> I just tried the micro softsets and although my problems were greatly
> minimized (shorter canulla and I put tape down before the set), I only got
> 2-3days out of them.  So back to my sils. :)  I find they are MUCH more
> comfortable.
> To be honest the one thing that most people LOVE about the softsets is the
> one thing I HATE, and that is the softserter.  Geez that thing scares me.
> was one of those people who took 20minutes with each injection
> (exaggeration), not a quick shooter.  So everytime I used I would jump.
> Thus 50% of the sets got pulled right back out after insertion and had to
> thrown.  Darnit!  :)  As was wisely said before...to each his own.
> Sherry
> The Sofserter is like the old autoinjector my cousin used her whole short
life. I never understood how she could use that devil's invention. What I
was referring too was the lunch schmunch thread that got everyone involved
in a controversial topic. Its like text editors to programmers, do you like
brief or micro Edit.. word Perfect or Word? Excel or 123

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