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RE: [IP] Soft sets vs sils

Andrew Bender wrote:"There that being done I'll press send and wait for the
flood of opinioins at variance Heh Heh Sherry!"

Sorry Andy I was at a pump meeting and couldn't respond sooner... :) That
said...I actually agree with you on this one.  I started out using
softsets with bad results.  I am allergic to the tape, and the canulla was
too long and caused great pain and suffering on my part. (lots of bruises,
lots of gushers, and lots of site changes).  So I switched to sils and get
4-8 days out of each.  I swap them at 4 days because I heal faster if I do.
I just tried the micro softsets and although my problems were greatly
minimized (shorter canulla and I put tape down before the set), I only got
2-3days out of them.  So back to my sils. :)  I find they are MUCH more

To be honest the one thing that most people LOVE about the softsets is the
one thing I HATE, and that is the softserter.  Geez that thing scares me. I
was one of those people who took 20minutes with each injection
(exaggeration), not a quick shooter.  So everytime I used I would jump.
Thus 50% of the sets got pulled right back out after insertion and had to be
thrown.  Darnit!  :)  As was wisely said before...to each his own.


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