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[IP] solution for skyrocket in the morning

Hi Lisa - I know what's going on with your breakfast.

The magic words are: Carbohydrate Ratio.

You eat an english muffin and coffee plus creamer - how many
carbohydrates are you taking?

It's easy to determine your breakfast carbohydrate ratio, as
follows: let's suppose that you have 30 carbos. What carbohydrate
ratio are you using? 1:15? 1:5? 1:10?

Let's suppose 1:10, but it does not matter now. So dividing the
carbohydrate quantity by the carbohydrate ratio (30/10) we'd
have 3 units of insulin.

Supposing that your fasting blood sugar in the morning is 130 and
your target is 110, and that your insulin ratio is 1:50, we'd subtract
110 from 130 and divide the result by 50 ((130-110)/50) and have
as result 0.4 units of insulin that must be added to the former
quantity (3) - (3+0.4) - resulting in 3.4 units of insulin.

What does 3.4 mean?

That you'd need 3 units to digest that quantity of carbohydrate and
you'd need 0.4 units to adjust your current blood sugar level towards
your target.

After two hours you must test your blood and know about your level -
if is high your carbohydrate ratio is wrong. For accuracy you must
proceed this for a couple of times and AT THE SAME TIME - this is
VERY important.

Our carbohydrate ratio varies - within a three month period I need to
make few adjustments.

The secret is to know how to adjust your carbohydrate ratio throughout
the day, so you either wouldn't be tied with time to eat because you
know your carbohydrate ratio for that time or wouldn't make calculus
"more or less" correct for a different time than the one that you have
your carbohydrate ratio.

So you need to work with your carbohydrate ratio.

How many do I have?, would you ask... If I eat 3 times a day I use 3
different carbohydrate ratios. If I eat 5 times, I use 5 ratios. 7 times,
7 ratios...

Everything I need is my personal and agenda-sized computer, my
glucometer and to know how many carbohydrates I am eating.

Would be weird If I go to a cafeteria and begin taking notes out of
my pocket, numbers and numbers, check the time, check the blood
sugar level, and so calculate my insulin quantity... don't you think?

I made it easier and as I told you it's very simple - and accurate -
knowing how to do that.

I wish you the best luck in this world.

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