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[IP] high bg saga continued

    To finish what I started this morning:  The new bottle of insulin
brought my bg back to normal range, so it WAS the first bottle of insulin,
which, Sara, has been opened since my last site change, ummmmm, 5 days ago
if I remember right.  So it worked for one set, and not for the other.  It
was in fridge all the time, and expires April of 2001.  Anyway, other than
eating a darn McDonald's McFlurry and having no idea what to bolus for it so
I ended up high again, darn it, I am ok!  Thanks to all for the wonderful
advice, and I do follow it all and try it all.  Sometimes it works,
sometimes not, thats why MY  MDV.(mileage does vary!)
Lori A. Willey
First Express Inc.
email @ redacted

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