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[IP] RE: The Eugly

The following is a reply I am making to a letter from Kim Thielen who wrote 
about the Eugly a few days ago and we've been bantering about ancient machines 
since.  Anybody with any knowledge of this era should PLEASE update what I 
wrote and correct me (can send to me personally, not to the whole web 
email @ redacted).

Boy have you touched some raw areas of my memory:
AutoSyringe had some huge ugly pump that had an exposed syringe and a couple 
of large dials on it.  This was their first expermental pump (used to prove 
concept I guess).

The AutoSyringe 6 was their first 'commerical' pump.  It had ONE basal rate 
which was adjusted to your body by diluting the insulin.

Some of us in the list were on this.  I started on this silly pump.

The next version of the pump had a little screw that let you adjust the basal 
rate using U40 insulin.  Then the 6-U100 came out which used 1cc disposable 
syringes for the insulin and let you adjust the basal with that screw (needed 
to keep a little screwdriver on your keychain to really use that machine).

The 6MP was the first 'brainy' pump.  It let you program with keys! the basal 
rate and bolus amounts.  I don't believe it had multiple basal rates (I think 
the Eugly might have permitted either four or six basal rates over 24 hours).

The Eugly was the first of the AutoSyringe 8 series (smaller pump case).  
These didn't last long and most of us were switched to what I think was the BD 
pump with the loop of insulin and the pressure ball to feed insulin (I really 
liked the feed system on that pump but it wasn't very programmable).

>From there I guess I graduated to the Minimed 504.

I also wore a CPI multi-programmable pump for a little while during an 
experiment I did with temporary basal rates (yes I'm the inventor of square 
wave boluses).  (Actually the original german pump which used a special 
insulin from hoechst and was eventually taken over by disetronics had a one 
hour bolus (i.e. it gave you your bolus injection over an hour, not immediate) 
which is where I got the idea of a square wave bolus from).

I really gotta sit down and write all this down and get pictures.

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