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Re: [IP] High morning numbers

Lisa asked:

<<I have been pumping for almost a month and LOVE IT!!  However I am having
problem that was discussed here a couple of weeks ago.  My fasting numbers
are good in the morning but as soon as I eat they skyrocket.  Doesn't seem
to matter how much I bolus.  I usually eat an english muffin and a cup of
coffee with flavored creamer.  Just wondered if anyone had found a "cure"
for this yet?>>

I have this problem also.  What worked for me was taking 2u of insulin for
every 15g of carb for breakfast, then running a lower basal the rest of the
morning so as not to get too low.  This way, I end up with an after
breakfast of around 130 and level out the rest of the morning.  Another lady
with this problem told me she takes a "get out of bed in the morning bolus"
and then takes a regular breakfast bolus when she eats.  You could try some
different things, and remember, YMMV.

RoseLea and Max

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