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[IP] high bg won't come down

Lori wrote
>  Bg has been high (243) since 11pm last night.  
>  Have changed site previously, changed cartridge last night
>  No air in tubing, site looks excellent now.  What are the
>  chances my bottle of insulin went bad?  

How LONG has it been open?  I think they say even if you store it in fridge 
it does have an expiration date.  On the other hand, I have had sites that 
looked GREAT...and strange bgs that went away when I broke down and changed 
the site.  My adage is always, when in doubt, change it out...as much as I 
hate to

You might TRY using a syringe to bring down your next high, or bolus for you 
next meal...If it WORKS then you know it wasn't the insulin, and if it 
doesn't, then you now it was the insulin...

OR maybe you are coming down with something...or PMS?

just some thoughts...good luck

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